Hello, my name is Evan and I never draw.

This is my attempt to find motivation to draw. My favorite drawing tools are Muji pens or an iPad.  More often I'm taking photos of things I’d like to draw, but end up drawing my cats instead. I enjoy eating pancakes and fostering rescue cats. Thanks for checking out my work. 

All items in the shop are illustrated by I NEVER DRAW. If it is a paper item, it is also printed by us on an inkjet printer with dye-based inks. 

digital illustration of Evan in the style of Charlie Brown, smiling while staring at his phone held in his right handEVAN makes all the art in this store, but has trouble finishing the Inktober challenge and finding files on the computer. He was born in Michigan. Evan is available for commercial work, check out his portfolio here.

digital illustration of Ropo with black hair in a bun, round glasses, mouth downturned and frowning, with a brown tabby cat sitting on their shouldersROPO manages the shop from printing to shipping to finding the files on the computer. They also art direct the Taiwan and cat pieces and funvelopes. They were born in Taiwan.