Cat Rescue Donations


Cat Rescue Donations


As long time patients and admirers of Gallway Cat Clinic, we are excited to support Galloway's lifesaving work through our work. You can find a selection of our cat products (stickers, cards) at the Galloway Cat Clinic in Torrance, CA. All I NEVER DRAW items at the clinic are donated by us so 100% of your purchase goes toward treating rescue cats or helping low income families offset vet costs.

We also foster kittens throughout the year so your purchase of our art (especially commissions) help me care for our cats. If we are currently fostering kittens, your support helps us pay for food and medical care for our rescue cats, and if we are not fostering kittens, your support helps us offset manufacturing costs of our merch donated to Galloway Cat Clinic.

You can browse our full range of cat art here. Sales from this online shop go to I NEVER DRAW. Shop in person at the clinic to support Dr. Son and the cats they save. Items that are sold out here on the website may still be carried at the clinic.

*Find exclusive Galloway merch here, again, sold at the clinic only.

*All stickers sold at Galloway are made of either vinyl or polypropelene. EXCEPT for the Galloway Clinic logo sticker (purple colored). Made in the UK by Zap! Creatives, the stickers are:
  • made from responsibly sourced papers
  • come on glassine paper backing, making them 100% recyclable
  • weather and waterproof
  • suitable for short to medium term outdoor applications