Coffee Lineup Wood Keychain

Keychain designed and assembled by I NEVER DRAW.

Wood charm made in the UK by Zap! Creatives.
Large wood charm size: 1.5" tall, 3mm thick
Total length: 3"
Hardware: zinc alloy, stainless steel

Two different options:
- Hario grinder with small Chemex
- Hario grinder with even smaller Moka pot

Limited quantities, I only made 12 of each.

The wood charms will come with the adhesive backing still attached. Please see last photo to see what the back looks like, with and without the backing. To remove the backing, peel it off like a sticker.

All items in the shop are illustrated (on paper or digitally) by me. If it is a paper item, it is also printed by me on my inkjet printer.