Closed Loop Backing Board Return Program | No waste initiative

This listing is for US customers only, and will come with a return label and some postage stamps, enough to mail back just the backing board. The cost of the program is $1 for you, which will pay for some of the return postage (I will cover the rest). Please add this listing to your cart if you want to opt in to the program.

DIRECTIONS for returning your backing board:

1. You'll be using the same paper envelope to return the backing board. Open your package carefully once it arrives, preferably with a craft knife to slice ONLY the tape seal, so you can use the envelope's original gum seal to close the envelope.
2. Remove all contents of the envelope. Reinsert the backing board into the envelope.
3. Secure the envelope by wetting the gum seal. Affix the provided return label over the original address label, making sure to cover up all original postage and addresses.
4. Affix the provided postage stamps as indicated on the return label. The stamps come not already affixed in case you choose not to send back the backing board, so you can save these stamps for your personal use.
5. Put it in your outgoing mail.

*If you found this page after you already received your order, you are welcome to ship back the board yourself if you still want to participate. Here are the shipping weights:

8 x 10" board: 3oz = 1 First- Class Forever stamp + 2 additional oz stamps
11 x 14" board: 4oz = 1 First-Class Forever stamp + 3 additional oz stamps

Any questions, please contact us.


For prints 8 x 10" and above, a thick paper backing board is included with the order. I feel sad when I think about its short lifespan--while they are extremely important and necessary to prevent creases during shipping, they are surely disposed of immediately.

If you participate in this program, your backing board will be reused for the next order, and so on, hopefully with enough customers participating in this program that we'll circulate the same pieces and I won't have to consume any more boards/trees.

Otherwise, if you foresee using the backing board, I'm glad to hear it and there's no need to participate in this initiative. If you're thinking of propping up the print against the backing board for display purposes, please be aware that my prints do not come in a plastic sleeve.