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Taiwan Street Food Collection v2 | Pen Illustration | Print

While traveling in Taiwan, I kept a small sketchbook handy at all times. I was enthralled by the ubiquitous yet unique "stores on wheels;" colorful, often chaotically constructed carts dishing out cheap, tasty food.

SAUSAGE CART: This cart selling sausages (pork and rice) and hot dogs can be found at Huashan 1914 Creative Park. Not included in the drawing but present at the scene were an adjacent cart selling children's toys and balls, as well as a large grass area right behind with people relaxing and flying kites.

QUAIL EGG CART: This cart is located outside MRT Yuanshan station but this popular dish can be found all over Taipei.

TEA TRUCK: This tea drinks truck was parked in Linkou near Zhulin Mountain Buddhist Temple. It's selling bitter tea, winter melon tea, star fruit juice, herbal tea, and hot ginger tea and hot fuyuan tea. Yum.

MOTORCYCLE COFFEE STAND: This is the most awesome coffee shop I have ever seen. You can find more info about this shop, called Small Full Coffee here: This stand was located in the grass park next to Huashan 1914 Creative Park when I visited, but he pops up in different places in Taipei with his bike.

All items in the shop are illustrated (on paper or digitally) by me. If it is a paper item, it is also printed by me on my inkjet printer.

Paper: 60lb. Matte, 229gsm

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